Locations and Formats for Meeting

For your convenience, I offer three formats for counseling sessions:
Traditional, Office-based sessions, Outdoor walking sessions and Telephone or Telehealth (video) sessions. I provide a discreet, warm, and down-to-earth atmosphere where my clients are encouraged and challenged to overcome difficulty and find strength, peace, and empowerment.

My Indoor Counseling Office
(375 E. Horsetooth Rd., Bldg. 2, Suite 201,
Fort Collins, Colorado)

My practice is situated in a quiet, peaceful area, and your privacy is a top priority. My waiting room is cozy, private and discreet, reserved only for my clients, and the entire office layout was created with your comfort, serenity, and privacy in mind.

Nature-based (“walk-and-talk”) sessions

My office is near some beautiful neighborhoods and parks, and sometimes clients (and) i enjoy getting outside to walk while we talk or even sit on the grass and chat. This is always an option if weather permits, just let me know you’d prefer this type of session so I dress appropriately! I have also met clients in other outdoor locations and for longer sessions or rite-of-passage work; please inquire about these services.


I also offer telehealth (video therapy sessions). One of the main benefits of telehealth is that it expands access to care for people who need it most.

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