Individual Counseling & Coaching

How Jennifer helps individual adults

While many of life’s most difficult situations can lead to profound personal growth, what we often don’t feel in those moments is hope or a belief that things will get better. Plus, we are often lacking the clarity, support, and objectivity a trained therapist can provide. This is where Jennifer shines in her work with individuals. Find increased growth and strength, self-awareness, and the focus to achieve your goals. Life can prove to be extremely challenging at times, and it helps to have an experienced and passionate guide in your corner.

I work well with adult men and women who are ready to do the work and heal. I will match your effort and motivation, and together, you and I will create an approach that’s tailored to you and helps you accomplish your goals.

Counseling Services for Individuals

Divorce Coaching & Recovery

Divorce is much more than the ending of a marriage and the grief associated with that loss; it can create a cascade of extremely difficult challenges in multiple areas of life: parenting, finances, career, self-worth, loss of family, and many more. With a life transition this challenging and multi-faceted, you deserve to have experienced support in your corner. Jennifer helps men and women through this complicated process every step of the way. You’ll save time on your healing journey by talking and getting support.

Healing from toxic/abusive relationships, workplaces, & religions

(including mental, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, and narcissistic abuse). Learn to recognize the characteristics of abusive relationships, workplaces & religious institutions; heal from abuse & gaslighting; and learn to find healthier, more secure relationships & institutions in the future.

Relationship coaching

(men & women) Learning how to create & nurture healthy relationships can be tough. Jennifer will guide you through: how to find a healthy, compatible partner, setting appropriate boundaries, and how to successfully navigate dating/online dating; learn to recognize red-flag dating behaviors early on.

Life Transitions

Midlife crisis (men and women), menopause (the emotional & mental aspects), empty nest, career transitions, finding fulfillment in retirement

Sexual Health and Intimacy

I help women and couples to help address sexual difficulties, arousal and orgasmic disorders, dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), and help with increasing sexual desire. I collaborate with with other health providers (physicians, pelvic PTs, etc.) to provide a wraparound approach that addresses the emotional and physical aspects of sexual difficulties. Couples deserve good sex!

Healing from the impact of another’s addiction

including ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), partners or parents of addicts or alcoholics, and codependency


Achieve your highest potential, both professionally and personally, through coaching. I will teach you how to:

  • Identify your core values and build a life of ACTION that reflects these values every day.
  • Learn to set goals–and push yourself to REACH them, using self-trust and discipline.
  • Identify the best YOU–as a human, partner, business owner, parent, employee–and then start BEING that person.
  • Learn to STOP making excuses about why you can’t–and learn to hold yourself accountable, all while increasing self-confidence.
  • Learn to grow in your career through career and leadership coaching, including effective strategies for managing personnel.

How to Get Started

To get started with individual counseling or coaching, contact Jennifer.

*New client?

If you’re interested in working with Jennifer and believe your goals for counseling are a good fit for her expertise, you may use this link to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your goals for therapy and determine appropriateness of fit. Please ensure your phone number is typed correctly, and she will call you right at the time requested (if approved) for your consultation. Jennifer only has daytime availability Monday through Thursday of each week. Due to a limited amount of availability, clients needing more than weekly sessions, or those struggling with chronic suicidal ideation will be referred to another provider. Thank you for understanding.

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