Divorce Recovery

Considering, experiencing, or recovering from divorce?  I help people through all stages of divorce.

Considering divorce?

  • We’ll talk through the details of your specific situation, and I’ll help you determine next steps based on your values and goals (e.g., individual counseling for you and your partner, healing separation, discernment counseling for you and your partner, couples counseling to foster reconciliation, or divorce).
  • We’ll talk through your specific challenges and fears so you can make an educated, heartfelt decision about what’s best for you and your family, and whether your relationship is salvageable.

 Already in the process of divorce?

  • Learn to best navigate the emotional & legal stages of divorce, with a focus on clear, healthy decision-making;
  • Learn appropriate communication for your changing relationship with your ex;
  • Learn helpful co-parenting techniques;
  • Heal from the pain, and use this time of crisis to maximize your potential as an individual, parent, and potential future partner. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

 Nearing/Post-Finalization of your divorce, or struggling after divorce?

  • Consider individual divorce recovery counseling, aided by assessment tools such as the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale and an individualized approach created just for you;
  • Join my next Fisher Rebuilding Seminar™–facilitated by me, surrounded by a group of your peers (men and women) also recovering from divorce and ready to heal. The ten-week, 30-hour Fisher Rebuilding Seminar™ will provide you with professional and peer support as you work through the rebuilding blocks to release your pain to create a new life after relationship loss. Learn to conquer your fears, cleanse your grief, express anger effectively, rebuild your self-esteem, restore your trust in others, prepare for new relationships, and much more.
  • Not able to meet with me, or prefer to work through divorce recovery in private? Purchase my eCourse. I created this 14-Day Divorce Recharge(TM), complete with 14 videos, worksheets, and lessons delivered to your inbox, to help you transition out of the raw-feeling state of shock of being newly divorced–and into hope for the future, using the painful experience not only to start a new chapter in life, but to write an entirely new book. Divorce Recharge(TM) contains a compilation of the worksheets, lessons, and aha moments I’ve gathered along the collective journey of countless divorced and divorcing individuals.
  • Women considering or currently experiencing divorce can join a Second Saturday Divorce Workshop for Women. I counsel men and women through all stages of divorce, but volunteer my time on a monthly basis for this organization specifically for women.

Couples considering divorce:

Discernment counseling can help in situations where one partner is considering divorce, to help determine which issues are solvable so that you can move forward with the peace of mind that you gave your marriage your best shot. Often, it’s difficult to get out of these types of patterns without the “reset button” of professional help.

Jennifer’s Areas of Focus with Divorce include:

  • Healing from the Grief & Complicated Emotions of Divorce
  • How to Assemble a Divorce Team for Maximum Support
  • New Boundaries & Communication With Your Ex
  • Co-Parenting, Navigating Two Households, Parenting Time
  • How to Communicate with & Support Your Children
  • Learning About Yourself and Why Your Marriage Ended

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